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MyStylist (v2)

A ladies' fashion tool is now available on PSP! Creating a virtual closet is as easy as a snap with the PSP camera. Manage your wardrobe and be styled for any occasion. Use the PSP's portability to check your closet when shopping, or to discuss with the shop keeper! Check what you wore last time with friends, on dates ... the applications are endless! Fashion tid-bits and original games are also added. It's all you ever need to enjoy fashion!!

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Game Information

  • Region: Japan
  • Media: PSN
  • Size: 75.74 MB
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Language(s): Japanese

Release Information

  • Release Group: PLAYASiA
  • Release Date: 2014-10-02
  • Filename:
  • Dirname: MyStylist_JPN_PSN_PSP-PLAYASiA

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